Mother of Garden City baby kidnapped in stolen SUV describes experience

Mother of Garden City baby kidnapped in stolen SUV describes experience

GARDEN CITY, Ga. (WTOC) - A mother’s worst nightmare came true Wednesday when her SUV was stolen from her Garden City townhome with her 3-month-old daughter still inside.

The mother is now sharing the emotional roller coaster the family experienced that day through the help of a translator.

Andrea Hernandez said it all happened within 30 seconds. She strapped 3-month-old Alexa’s car seat into the SUV and turned around to grab her twin sister when a 16-year-old boy took the car with her baby still inside.

“She shouted at him to stop, because the baby was in the car and to please stop and he actually went faster,” said Andrea Hernandez through a translator.

The 16-year old who took the car and baby Alexa, dropped her off at Everlasting Life Christian Church a few minutes away from the home, before he ditched the Honda CRV in another neighborhood.

“Those 40 minutes she was without the baby, it was like, so hard she couldn’t even function. Just imagine, every minute, every second apart that goes by and you know your child is not with you, that some stranger and you don’t know what is going to happen to your baby,” said Hernandez.

She said that Alexa’s twin sister, Alexia felt it too.

“When the other baby was not here, the other baby was crying very hard,” said Hernandez.

The sisters are together once again. First responders checked out Alexa when she was found and her mother said she is happy and healthy.

She said she thanks God to have her baby back in her arms and hasn’t thought about what punishment she thinks the juvenile that took her should face.

The 16-year-old who police say stole the SUV with baby Alexa inside is facing one count of felony kidnapping and one count of grand theft auto. Garden City Police say more charges could be filed.

The suspect is expected to be in court on Wednesday.

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