Annual Empty Bowl event to help the Emmaus House

Annual Empty Bowl event to help the Emmaus House
The Empty Bowl event for the Emmaus House. (Source: WTOC)

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - The folks at Emmaus House want everyone to know about the segment of the community that uses Savannah's soup kitchen, the mostly homeless individuals who get what often is their only hot meal of the day there.

"I think with any organizations where you're trying to help folks out,’’ said Emmaus House board member Toby Tift, “to get to meet the people that you're helping always just makes it more real.’’

So much so that interaction overshadows funds at Emmaus House's only fundraiser, the annual Empty Bowl event, which is scheduled for this weekend.

"The fundraising is incredibly important to us,’’ said Emmaus House executive director Ariana Berksteiner. “We operate on a shoestring budget. But the biggest thing for us is the advocacy and spreading awareness about hunger in Savannah.’’

And in doing so, creating an appreciation for the work at Emmaus House and the people who benefit from it.

Several Emmaus House clients will be invited to attend Sunday to share soup - and stories.

"To see what the organization is doing means a lot to people,’’ said Tift. “It sort of resonates with folks that this is a real thing. Nobody chooses to be homeless. These people are struggling with different things and our mission is not to dissect that, it’s to feed them.’’

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