Savannah non-profit receives donation to help families facing homelessness

Savannah non-profit receives donation to help families facing homelessness

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - A generous grant will now help families on the verge of becoming homeless.

A Savannah non-profit organization received $75,000 from Chatham County to expand its services beyond the city limits. Executive Director Katrina Bostick says this is the first time they have ever received funding from the county. Not only that but for the last three years, they have received prevention money from the City of Savannah, which means their services were available only to people living in the city.

Throughout the United States and right here in Savannah many children and their families often wonder where their next meal will come from or if they will have a roof over their heads if and when something tragic happens.

It’s nonprofit organizations like Family Promise of Greater Savannah that step in to help, which is why Family Promise Executive Director Katrina Bostick says, the $75,000 grant they received from the county will allow them to help families who live on Tybee Island, in Pooler, Wilmington Island, and Port Wentworth.

“With this $75,000 it gives us an opportunity to really hit those pockets of individuals who need the help but didn’t necessarily have that help and the services,” said Bostick.

Bostick says not only did they receive a hefty grant, but this is the first time they have received county funding. She says in past years, they have been able to use other funding from the city to help families and households.

“Last year with the City of Savannah grant we were able to prevent 432 households from experiencing an episode of homelessness, that was about 12 hundred individuals and about 819 children, so it really changed the trajectory of a family,” said Bostick.

With a grant of $75,000, Bostick hopes it will help curve homelessness in the area while giving families an opportunity to connect and build financial resources.

“We do know and research has shown us that the average cost to keep a family in house is about $289, but the cost to rehouse a family is over $3,000, so if we can prevent a family from actually experiencing an episode of homelessness to me that changed the narrative of our community,” said Bostick.

“Of course we want to be a resource or an asset to our community, but if we had to close our doors because we didn’t have any families that would be the ultimate goal,” said Bostick.

Bostick says they also received a separate grant of $124,000. With that, they have been able to serve about 175 households.

With this new grant from the county, they have been able to serve about 35 families so far. She says they also help with rental or utility deposits if families need it as well.

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