Community Champions: Warriors 4 William Foundation

Community Champions: Warriors 4 William Foundation

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Danielle Webb makes a difference for children fighting cancer every day at work at the Willet Children’s Hospital at Memorial Health. She also takes that fight home, helping in it every day of her life through a foundation she and her husband started after losing their son, William, to cancer five years ago at the age of four.

"We were obviously hoping our outcome would be a little bit different than it was,’’ said Webb, whose husband, William, is a pediatrician. “But regardless what the outcome was, we knew we had to press forward, we knew we had to make a difference. We knew for William and to honor him, it was the right thing to do.’’

The Webbs started Warriors 4 William in 2014, three months after Stage 4 Neuroblastoma claimed their youngest son.

They don't know how exactly much money they have raised since then. But they do know exactly why they do it.

"Only four percent of government funding goes toward pediatric cancer,’’ says Webb. “So, it’s really up to private foundations and philanthropy to make up the difference so we can have better options for treatment for children and eventually find a cure. That’s the goal.’’

The Webbs were working toward that goal again last weekend with their annual Warriors 4 William 5k at Richmond Hill’s J.F. Gregory Park.

It is one of several fundraisers they hold every year for their foundation and the only one William ever knew about.

"The first race was actually done for William,’’ says Webb. “It was some friends who put it together and he had the best time and he kept calling it my race. He had a really fun sense of humor, he had a quirky sense of humor, he loved superheroes. He pretty much took everything that was thrown at him and smiled through all of it. He had his ups and downs, but always had a positive attitude, even at such a young age, we always said he was older than his years.’’

And while William was taken young, his family’s efforts to honor him continue to evolve and grow.

"Hopefully, it becomes nationwide,’’ says Webb. “We would like for the foundation to grow and just to continue to raise awareness so people are more aware. I think that you can’t turn your back and walk away when you see what a child goes through. To not somehow make a difference, I feel like I’d kind of be letting William down.’’

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