Top Teacher: Lori Melton

Top Teacher: Lori Melton

BRYAN COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - It was an exciting day for the children in Lori Melton’s Kindergarten class as they learned about what’s inside a pumpkin.

“Who remembers what this part is? The stem,” Melton told attentive students.

Melton teaches at Lanier Primary School in Bryan County.

“They greet me every morning and all of them come in with a smile. They are excited, if you are not standing in the door, they are looking around wanting to know where you are. So, it's nice they are ready to see you in the morning and ready to learn,” Melton said.

This is Melton's 25th year of teaching and says it's all about the children.

“The kids, I just really enjoy being around the kids, that ‘aha’ moment, especially for kindergartners when they read their first book or write their name for the first time by themselves. They get so excited and I get so excited for them,” she said.

Melton says building a relationship with her students is the biggest thing she can do.

“I use the term family and friends because I do consider them my family. Sometimes people call me mom, they think it’s funny and that’s what I do while they are here. So, I show them that they are loved, that they can do things. My quote is ‘we are always learning how.’ We are just learning how,” Melton said.

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