Coastal Empire Fair returns for one more year in current location

Coastal Empire Fair returns for one more year in current location

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - It’s a bittersweet 70-year anniversary for the Coastal Empire Fair at the fairgrounds off Meding Street.

This year is the last year the Exchange Club of Savannah is hosting the event at that location.

Right now, the focus is on the week or so ahead, making sure families coming out have a great time one last time at this sight.

Since the Savannah government bought the land a few years ago, the Exchange Club has been leading the site to host the fair, with an end goal of finding a new home. That new home will be on a piece of land near Interstate 95 and Highway 204, still in the city of Savannah.

There, the Exchange Club is hoping more room will lead to more attractions, and ultimately profit that can be put back into the community.

“To leave here…yeah, that’s sad. But you know, the purpose of the fair is to raise money to help our community. That’s what we do. And so, if we can be at a new location where we have larger crowds, more space more events and all this down the makes the fair bigger, it raises more money. And we have literally in the past 70 years poured millions of dollars back into this community,” Coastal Empire Fair President Hugh Futrell said.

For more information on the fair and attractions, please click here.

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