Good News: Reverse trick-or-treating at the Willett Children’s Hospital

Good News: Reverse trick-or-treating at the Willett Children’s Hospital

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Kyle Sheill’s plans for Halloween did not include being in the hospital. But the Willett Children’s Hospital had their own plan for all the kids spending the holiday there.

Memorial Health's annual Reverse Trick-or-Treat event brought Halloween to them along with all the costumes, candy and assorted other treats that make the day.

"We say laughter is great medicine,’’ said Dr. Brad Buckler, physician in charge at the Willett Children’s Hospital. “So, them being able to laugh and have a great time really does make a big difference in their overall care.’’

The kids got to dress up and got to meet characters in costume from 40 different groups who came to the hospital to hand out goodies.

"it's fun to give them some fun, share some smiles, give them some candy, wave at them and head on,’’ said Chuck Walden, of the 501st Rebel Legion group. “We do it every year. We take off work just to be here.’’

And all the participating groups take away the sting of missing traditional trick-or-treating by bringing kids at the Children’s Hospital a Halloween to remember.

"It makes a lasting impact in them and they remember it, even after they're going home from the hospital,’’ said Heather Newsome, executive director of the Children’s Hospital. “They'll come back, the ones that are here more often, and they'll say I remember when I was here doing the reverse trick-or-treat.’’

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