'Million Father March’ held to show importance of the presence of dads

’Million Father March’ held to show importance of the presence of dads

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Students at Haven Elementary School had an extra special Halloween as dozens of fathers came through and marched with their students in a parade to show the importance of the presence of dads.

The “Million Father March” started a few years ago, but this is Haven Elementary’s third year hosting it.

A change this year, students whose father and father-figures participated got to walk in the parade with the dad.

Motivational speakers came to the breakfast hosted for the fathers by the school, encouraging them to take more time to do the little things – whether that's look over the homework, not making sure they just did it, or attending as many football games as they possibly could.

The administration of the school says the event has a positive impact on the fathers, but it also impacts the kids.

"We try to have this event because we want an increase and we want involvement with our families in our school system. And I think with having this and getting the data encourage and speakers like we had today, to leave such positive words with them to put them in their tool kit so that they can be successful and be better participants in their child's education,” school social worker Leslie Walker said.

The administration said they will continue to do this event in the following years because they’ve seen what a positive impact it has on students and their families.

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