Preparations underway for Georgia vs Florida game

Preparations underway for Georgia vs Florida game

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (WTOC) - This weekend, a fierce rivalry is drawing sports fans to Jacksonville.

The Georgia Bulldogs will face off against the Florida Gators, marking the 98th meeting for the teams. Saturday is the huge day for Georgia and Florida fans, but of course, the fun starts at the tailgate parties.

That happens at RV City, and there were already a lot of Gator fans, but the Bulldogs also came to show out.

Lots of fans decked out in red and black. One man, Henry Hinojose, had a great setup. You’d think he was from Georgia, but he’s from Orlando, Fla.

Hinojose has Family in Georgia, so he says he’s got Georgia blood in him. This is his family’s sixth year coming out to the big rivalry game.

Hinojose says he gets excited about the tailgating experience because he always tries to win the decorating contest. But what he really loves is the time he gets to spend with both Bulldog and Gator fans.

“Just meeting with all our friends that we make every year. Every year we make new friends, and then meeting up with my family every year so it’s just a good time,” Hinojose said.

More and more fans are starting to pack RV City Friday night.

Two guys, Brayden Scringer and Dillion Hargrove, are there from Oaklahoma say they aren’t cheering for any side.

“If you look at it from a mathematical aspect, we’re like the line that’s in the middle of a division problem,” said Scringer.

For the past four years, Brayden and Dillon have been traveling around the country going to rivalry football games. It’s a tradition they look forward to because they say every state they go to has a different atmosphere.

At past tailgates, fans made them choose sides.

“But I don’t think they’re gonna make us pick this year, so we’re gonna have a good time,” said Hargrove.

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