Shooting in Evans Co. leaves one dead

Shooting in Evans Co. leaves one dead

EVANS CO., Ga. (WTOC) -A 22-year-old man is dead after a shooting just outside of Claxton on Sunday morning.

Sheriff Randall Tippins says that Steven Moore died of gunshot wounds at a civic club on Oxendine Drive.

The sheriff says the homicide in Claxton was the latest in an ongoing feud between two men and their friends. He says there was a private teen party happening just outside of town when two groups of young men, several years removed from high school, brought their issues to the party.

The car in which Steven Moore was shot early Sunday still sits outside the Gladiators’ Club building. The murder shocked at least some along Oxendine Drive, who say the clubhouse normally stays quiet.

“They’ve had parties down here before, but never had anybody killed. There’ve been arguments and scuffles, whatever. Never anything like this,” said Tony Benjamin

Deputies and EMS got there within minutes and rushed Moore to the hospital, but he died there. The sheriff says they’re looking for a person who’s had ongoing issues with the victim.

“Five or six on one side, five or six on the other. They’ve been at odds for months. We’ve had shots fired in the streets,” said Sheriff Tippins.

Benjamin says the crime doesn’t make him worry about the neighborhood.

“For this to happen here, they brought the issue down here, because nothing ever happens like this down here,” said Benjamin.

Sheriff Tippins says he and the GBI have gotten very little info for the number of people who were there Saturday night and the rumors flying around town. But he needs witnesses, not rumors.

“I want the people that were there to talk to me. The ones that were there, that saw the gun and saw who killed Moore,” said Sheriff Tippins.

The sheriff says they’re already hearing talk about attempted retaliation since Sunday morning, but no one has filed any reports.

Anyone with information is asked to call the sheriff’s office or the Ga Bureau of Investigation’s Statesboro office.

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