2 new council members in Richmond Hill, runoff for third seat

2 new council members in Richmond Hill, runoff for third seat

RICHMOND HILL, Ga. (WTOC) - The city of Richmond Hill now has two new city council members and a tax allocation district referendum.

There will be a runoff between two candidates to fill the last vacant seat.

"Everybody's tired, it was a good race and a good win for Richmond Hill,” Post 2 Councilman Robbie Ward said.

"It feels pretty good it's my first time running for office so not knowing what to expect, it was going on faith and it feels pretty good right now,” Post 3 Councilman Mark Ott said.

Newly elected Ott says now that the election is over, they can focus on getting to work and looking ahead.

"The thing that needs to be done is planning. We need to have not just next year’s plan but five years out, I think if city council can plan properly with the planning and zoning department here in Richmond Hill, I think we'll be much better off in the future,” Ott said.

As for newly elected Ward, he says the newly adopted tax allocation district referendum is something he was pushing for in order to help the city leverage future property value increases to build infrastructure upgrades or revitalize some areas.

"I voted for TAD today and I'm glad it passed. We need to get more commercial growth into Richmond Hill. We have a lot of rooftops in Richmond Hill, but we need some tax help and we've got to entice the businesses to come and TAD will help do that and it will not raise taxes on any homeowners,” Ward said.

2 new council members in Richmond Hill, runoff for third seat

The runoff will be for Post 4 between candidates Les Fussell and Steve Scholar.

Scholar has been living in Richmond Hill for nearly 25 years. He's served as the city's first planning and zoning director among other things, which is why he says he can bring some much-needed experience and stability to council.

"I've seen people come and go on the council. I think we've probably put an end to that now, so I think we've got a stable council and I think the two gentleman that clearly won will bring that stability to the council as well and I hope to be that third one to bring the stability,” Scholar said.

Fussell has been a resident of Richmond Hill for over 20 years. He says there's a lot of work that needs to be done within the city and he's ready to take on that challenge.

"We've got some roads that need to be considered. We've got a library that needs to be talked about and how we're going to do that,” Fussell said.

Both Fussell and Scholar have plans for controlling growth and connecting with the community.

"I'm a big proponent of impact fees. People that would like to live in the city and buy a new home, I think that they should have an impact fee. Impact fees that could be used for upgrading the parks, pavement work, planting trees, things that will continue to make the city an attractive place to live,” Scholar said.

"We’ve got an annex that we need to plan for. We’ve also got some other city services that we’re still negotiating with the county on so those are all high priority things,” Fussell said.

Runoffs will be held Tuesday, Dec 3.

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