Thomas, Purtee heading to runoff in Savannah council race

Thomas, Purtee heading to runoff in Savannah council race

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - The upcoming runoff between Kurtis Purtee and incumbent Tony Thomas will pit the top two vote-getters in the 6th District against each other once again.

Purtee secured just over 1,700votes according to the unofficial count on the county’s website. Thomas’ vote count was just over 2,100. But challenger Purtee says that between his votes, and those for the third candidate, Antonio Hunter, about 53 percent of the voters in the 6th District voted for change.

Now knowing now what precincts he trailed in last night, Purtee says he’ll be canvassing those areas to earn more votes.

“A couple of retirement homes that we need to look at, talk to those folks. Historically a lot of those individuals have been supporters of the incumbent. He’s been there 20 years. It may or may not be easy to change their to them to see what’s going through their thought process as we move forward,” Purtee said.

Purtee pointed out many may not be on social media, missing his online messages.

WTOC never got a response to a call or text from the incumbent, Tony Thomas. He did post this to Facebook on Wednesday:

“Thank You to the thousands of voters that placed their trust in me with their vote today. While we were the Top Vote-Getter, we are headed to a runoff in December. I need you one more time to bring this home and continue the extraordinary progress that we have made together. Look for a spirited campaign in the weeks ahead.”

The runoff will be held on Tuesday, Dec. 3.

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