Less than 150 days left for temporary Savannah city manager

Less than 150 days left for temporary Savannah city manager

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - It was announced this spring that Pat Monahan would be stepping into the role of Savannah City Manager on a temporary basis.

Monahan reminded council during Thursday’s work session that his days are numbered, less than 150 left, but added he’ll help his replacement transition into the role. So now a search will soon begin.

Monahan hasn’t been shy about reminding council that he’s here on a temporary basis, answering the mayor’s call to help when Rob Hernandez announced he was leaving.

Since assuming the role, Monahan has brought his decades of experience to the table to help guide council’s directives. He has just over 140 days left, but added he’ll stay on until a new city manager is selected. That of course will be up to the newly elected council, while the current council takes care of the advertising of the position and those qualifications.

Monahan said once a new city manager is selected, he doesn’t anticipate the transition lasting more than a week.

“What I’ve agreed to do is when the new city manager is selected, I will actually step down. I won’t take any pay for that period. But then I’ll introduce the city manager to the organization and to the community,” Monahan said.

He pointed out the next city manager selected will be the fifth manager in nine years. Adding it points to the change the city has gone and suffered through.

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