JCSO makes arrests in early morning shooting, bullets hit house

JCSO makes arrests in early morning shooting, bullets hit house

JASPER COUNTY, S.C. (WTOC) - The Jasper County Sheriff’s Office has been trying to increase its presence in the community.

However, they are still facing problems with shootings. Six shots fired reports in one month.

The Jasper County Sheriff’s Office responded to a shooting around 2 a.m. Friday that didn’t end with any injuries, but did end in three arrests. The office says if it wasn’t for the Ridgeland Police Department they wouldn’t have been so successful.

The officer’s narrative from the shooting cites three men fired shots at a home in unincorporated Jasper County. Responding officers found seven bullet holes inside the house on Mitchellville Road. Luckily, even though there were several people in the home, no one was injured.

Ridgeland Police were on patrol nearby when they saw a car speeding off from the direction the shooting had just occurred in and started a traffic stop. As they approached the car a rifle was thrown from the vehicle.

The officers were able to make three arrests in the end. Two men were charged with possession of a stolen firearm, and one with reckless driving. The Jasper County Sheriff’s Office says they don’t know why these men targeted this home.

“We are still waiting to figure out the motive," said Detective Sergeant Jake Higgins. "We are using the community’s help. They have been very helpful. We were just out canvassing the area, talking with neighbors, and trying to get information. But we don’t have a motive yet at this time.”

He says people should always be ready, but there probably isn’t an immediate threat.

“I think everyone should be concerned in general. But Jasper County, it is a safe place to live. These are definitely isolated incidents between groups of people. Just a motive is what we’re trying to figure out,” said Higgins.

Higgins also says that all three men that were arrested last night have now been released. That is a decision that is not up to the Sheriff’s Office but is the process of the courts.

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