‘No Truck’ signs to be enforced in Bluffton

‘No Truck’ signs to be enforced in Bluffton

BLUFFTON, S.C. (WTOC) - Traveling through parts of Bluffton may get a little safer.

It does mean some changes and fines for certain drivers. At the corner of Bridge Street and Burnt Church Road, there is a “No Trucks” sign. It has been up for a couple of months as a warning. Now, police say if you do go through you’ll be fined.

“Now we’re beyond that educational period and we’re going to start taking enforcement action on these trucks that decide to come through town,” said Captain Joseph Babkiewicz, Bluffton Police.

The downtown or the heart of Bluffton is bustling and sometimes busting at the seams. The Police Department says the ordinance is not only a safety measure for pedestrians but the commercial truck drivers.

“We do have low hanging trees that could damage the truck, there’s also narrow roadways and some tight turns that could really be very difficult for larger trucks to drive through,” said Babkiewicz.

Jessica Tanner was born and raised in Bluffton and with a son of her own, sees the need for fewer commercial trucks on the streets.

“The foot traffic has picked up so I think it would be beneficial, you know, it’s hard for them to stop on a dime, and then with all the parallel parking, roads are skinny, and I think it would be safer for everyone in the community if they did enforce it more,” said Tanner.

If you are making a delivery and get pulled over, you need proof of that delivery through some documentation.

The Bluffton designated truck route from Savannah to Hilton Head and back is the 46 traffic circle to Okatie Highway to Bluffton Parkway to Highway 278.

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