Car safety tips during cold weather

Car safety tips during cold weather

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - With this cold weather coming our way, there are a few things you’ll probably start to see when it comes to your car.

Your tire pressure light might come on and there could be an uptick in cold-weather related fires. Our winters here in the Coastal Empire are hardly severe but when this colder weather does make its way to us there are still a few precautions we need to be aware of every season.

When the cold weather hits, it can be a busy time for first responders at Chatham Fire.

“There definitely is the potential because of the extra heat sources in the home, fireplaces, the space heaters, regular heaters, all of the Christmas decorations and lights, and candles. Things of that nature,” said Chatham Fire District Chief Chris Mills.

According to Chatham Fire now is the right time to double-check your smoke detectors and using extra precaution with staying warm inside. But car experts say should also be checking your car this time of year.

“After the first cold snap, we start noticing folks coming in because their car won’t start and that’s usually because of the battery. We do see a lot of folks come in with tire pressure lights. It’s nine times out of ten related to tire pressure,” said Rick Broussard with RPM Autoworx.

Almost always after cold weather hits for the first time, the tire pressure light will light up your dashboard. Before you put it off for too long, Broussard says the quicker you can get your tire pressure back to normal after cold weather the better.

“Two pounds isn’t going to make that much of difference right away, but it’s always going to be better to keep it at the recommended pressures because if it’s low or it’s too high it’s going to cause premature tire wear. It could actually cause a belt to separate within the tire which could cause a blowout,” said Broussard.

First responders say staying safe during cold weather is important no matter how big or small your concern is.

“We would much rather you ere on the side of caution and let us come check it out than not. We would rather make sure everyone is safe,” said Mills.

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