Downtown business organizations funding Savannah Christmas decorations

Downtown business organizations funding Savannah Christmas decorations

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - If the weather doesn’t already have you gearing up for the holidays, decorations will soon be going up along a busy business thoroughfare in downtown Savannah.

For the second year, downtown business organizations are footing the majority of the holiday decoration bill along Broughton Street. Starting next week, holiday decorations will start going up that includes the sparkling white lights over the street and the bows on the street lamps.

The city made the decision last year that it was time to hand the reigns over when it came to decorating the busy commercial stretch of downtown, a feat that costs tens of thousands of dollars. So it’s a task that groups like Visit Savannah, the Savannah Chamber of Commerce and Savannah Area Mobility Management, Incorporated are taking on.

“It just puts everybody in the spirit, right? And I think as you’re shopping you want to be in that spirit. Music is playing and it’s festive, and hopefully, we’ll see a good bit of window decorations this year from the retail merchants on Broughton Street,” said Gina Peper, president of Savannah Downtown Business Association.

Members of the Downtown Business Association realize the importance of the investment made to change the streetscape and are even looking to do more soon.

“They would love to see more. And we at the DBA are continuing to push for more. We are working with, but it has not been confirmed, but we are working on a few other different options as far as caroling down the street and some bell ringing. Has not been confirmed yet, but just to create that atmosphere, create an environment that feels like the holidays,” said Peper.

Just like in years past, the strands of lights will run overhead on Broughton Street from Martin Luther King Boulevard to Price Street. Starting next month there are also events each Saturday night leading up to Christmas.

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