Woman burned by heating pad, says timer malfunctioned

User Warning: heating pad catches fire in bed

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - A user warning for anyone sleeping with heating pads and or heated blankets. Baylee Satchell says the timer on her brand new two-foot-long heating pad she received as a wedding present never went off.

Instead, the former Georgia Southern student woke up to smoke and even fire in her bed. The heating pad, which was on top of her covers had caught fire and burnt down through several layers and burned her legs, blistering them. Satchell says she used the timer to automatically turn off the heating device.

“You think I can trust that because they installed a safety timer, but obviously you can’t, and I just want people to know, even if it says you can or says it’ll shut off in a certain amount of time. It was around 1 a.m. when I fell asleep, and the 60 minutes were almost up, and it went for another two hours and I also had the heat halfway," said Satchell.

“It’s a quick solution to warm up really fast but the repercussions sometimes if you’re not careful can, I mean thank goodness in our situation it was not life or death. But it easily could have been and it could have escalated, so we’re very thankful,” she said.

Satchell woke up in pain and scared and jumped out of bed and rushed to find water anywhere including the toilet water in her bathroom. She’s grateful the fire didn’t spread in their brand new house. She was just married three months ago. She also said she’s grateful her husband wasn’t burned, because he’s training in the military.

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