Good News: Savannah Music Festival Musical Explorers Program

Good News: Savannah Music Festival Musical Explorers Program

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Music class at area elementary schools might not be like any music class you remember. But young students remember what they study with the Savannah Music Festival’s Music Explorers Program operating in many area schools.

"Music is an active art form,’’ said Jacob G. Smith music teacher Heather Moore. “And they can only have so much head knowledge, they have to actually do it.’’

And that’s what kindergarteners through second graders do in the program that is offered in partnership with Carnegie Hall but goes far beyond classical to styles children find more familiar and accessible.

"I love whenever I can integrate music and movement into the classroom,’’ SAID Jennifer Woelber, a Jacob G. Smith first grade teacher. “Children just learn much better when they can move and act things out.’’

Students learn about music and how to make music. And the highlight of the year is a live concert presented by the Savannah Music Festival featuring the artists being studied in the program.

"it is so much fun,’’ said Woelber. “A lot of field trips, kids are told to be quiet and listen to grownups talk and this field trip is nothing like that. They are encouraged to get up and sing and dance.’’

"And the artists are like rock stars,’’ added Moore. “They are, they are rock stars, they love it. So, they eagerly anticipate the concert.’’

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