'The Stars Fell on Alabama’ movie filming across Beaufort County

'The Stars Fell on Alabama’ movie filming across Beaufort County

PORT ROYAL, S.C. (WTOC) - Hollywood meets the Lowcountry as filming for the first movie in Beaufort in nearly 20 years began this week.

It was lights, camera, action as “Stars Fell on Alabama” finished up day three of filming in Beaufort County.

”I go for my heart instead of my head with things sometimes and this was definitely a heart project. for me," said Ciara Hanna, the lead actress in the film.

Director V.W. Scheich had a similar stance.

“This is a passion project. My good friend, Robert Windom, wrote this 15 years ago, and it’s a love letter to the south.”

Wednesday’s filming of the rom-com included some of the final scenes of the movie, set at a class reunion, they transformed the building called The Shed on Paris Avenue. Scheich said the charm of the area makes it the perfect scene.

“It’s really going to be a magical backdrop for this wonderful love story.”

More than the charm, the stars and crew are falling in love with someone else in the Lowcountry.

“It’s been so untouched," Scheich said. "It’s kind of like this little gem in the south that I feel like is just crying out, but mostly the people here.”

Hanna agreed.

“We kind of needed it for our souls, to be in a place like this. It’s a very beautiful, warming- it’s, what’s sad is we were almost caught off-guard how friendly people were.”

Officials hope to premier the movie around spring or summer of 2020 in film festivals across the country and have a streaming service pick it up to distribute it.

Filming should wrap up in Beaufort County on November 23rd and isn’t expected to create any road closures or traffic delays for drivers in the area.

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