Parents offer feedback on Bryan Co. elementary schools redistricting

Parents offer feedback on Bryan Co. elementary schools redistricting

BRYAN COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - The Bryan County School System will have to change attendance zones as they get ready to open a new elementary school in south Bryan county. Before drawing those maps, Superintendent Dr. Paul Brooksher said the school board wants to hear feedback from parents.

“The splitting of neighborhoods. I get that. You don’t want to split one side of the street goes here and one side of the street goes here. Our priority is to do whats best for the community as a whole,” said Dr. Brooksher.

Bryan County School District redistricted elementary students in 2015 after building McAllister Elementary School.

In those four years, the district has grown by 11 percent. Francis Meek Elementary School’s biggest goal will be to give relief to other south Bryan county schools that have reached their max. Parents like Jacob Fruhling went to Thursday night’s meeting to see how these changes could impact his family.

“It’s not that I want the kids to go to the new school, it’s I want to minimize the impact. How do we ensure that my oldest goes to school with my youngest and how do we ensure that we don’t have to go through the process again in the future?”

The school is set to open August 2020. They’ll announce a new principal in January and start the teacher transferring and staffing process in March.

Parents and school leaders addressed the obvious traffic concerns across south Bryan county with new development popping up constantly. Most parents told WTOC they are excited to have leaders ready to listen.

"If they could get the traffic pattern set and the access in and out and the times right for the bus pick ups and drop offs, I think it's going to be awesome."

After this meeting, school leaders will take all feedback and draft new attendance lines using a system many school districts use. The school district will present their proposed redistricting at another parent meeting before the school board votes and finalizes the plan in February 2020.

“The Board of education really does an excellent job gathering community feedback. That is important to them. They want to see what the feedback was. What did the community say? What is important to them as we prepare to vote on new attendance lines for elementary schools? So I have a lot of respect for that process and it is important to all of us,” Dr. Brooksher said.

The final community forum will be December 12 at 7 p.m. at Richmond Hill Middle School.

A website has been created to present important information regarding the timeline and districting process. If you have questions or concerns, you can send them to the following email address:

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