YMCA group donates 28 mattresses to Savannah families

YMCA group donates 28 mattresses to Savannah families

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) -Dozens of volunteers braved the cold and rain to help deliver 28 beds to children and families on Saturday.

“A Place to Dream” is a program started by the YMCA of Coastal Georgia.

They partnered with the Housing Authority of Savannah to make this all happen.

For Samantha Johnson and her kids, it was all smiles for her boys as they received their new beds.

“I feel grateful because the beds that we had, they were old and they were getting torn up," said Savod Johnson, who got one of the new beds. "We got tired of sleeping on them.”

Her son, 10-year-old Savod Johnson, says it feels good to know that their community supports them and is there to lend a helping hand.

Johnson has lived in Savannah her whole life, but they just recently moved to a new place. Now getting her boy’s beds is one less thing to worry about.

I'm very happy and grateful because I had planned on buying them new beds but now I don't have to because the YMCA sponsored it for me and I'm very grateful and I'm sure my boys are too."

YMCA of Coastal Georgia CEO Joel Smokther says this is a program they didn’t think twice about.

“We’re just excited to provide young people with the opportunity to get a good night’s sleep," said Smoker. "We just know that it will be a return on investment back into their schoolwork and into their health and so we’re just excited to be apart of this program.”

Smoker says that the partnership with HAS found that thousands of children are without beds in the community. They say if they can decrease that number one by one, it’s all worth it.

“You know, we tend to overlook some of the fundamentals sometimes and one of the fundamentals is just a good nights sleep," said Smoker. "We all remember sleeping on a hard floor at one point in our lives or on a couch and how restless that can be, so this is something that’s a fundamental of life and we just believe that every child should have a great place to sleep in their own bed.”

Smoker says they hope to increase the number of beds they deliver year after year.

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