Cotton farmers need a solid week of dry weather

Cotton farmers need a solid week of dry weather

BULLOCH COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - South Georgia cotton farmers still have plenty of fields that need harvest. But they need at least a week or more of solid dry weather, not sporadic sunshine in between the showers.

Hundreds of acres sit with cotton bolls sagging with each rain shower over the last two weeks. Bill Tyson from the University of Georgia Extension Service said that moisture swells the cotton, then it dries again and loses fiber that translates to hundreds of pounds and dollars across each acre.

“We're catching it from both ends. When the rain comes with some heavier winds and catches the lint, it falls to the ground. Meanwhile as we try to harvest, we've got a quality issue,” Tyson said.

He said it takes at least a day or two to dry out from even a small shower, let alone the three to six inches local farmers got over the past week.

Besides losing quality and quantity, another problem is sitting and waiting for the ground to dry enough to even get a tractor through the field without getting stuck.

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