Long Drive fundraiser to benefit adaptive golf program

Long Drive fundraiser to benefit adaptive golf program

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) -Local golfers will be able to do more than just talk about how long they drive the ball, they can prove it at a competition that will benefit the adaptive golf program at Hunter Army Airfield.

The long drive contest will take place at Lost Plantation in Rincon and will include a division for adaptive golfers, as well as age groups for able-bodied players to level the playing field.

Proceeds from the event will help fund the program at Hunter that provides free monthly lessons to combat-wounded soldiers and other individuals with disabilities.

“We are 100 percent non-profit, we don’t charge anything to the members of the adaptive golf program,” said Gary Head, the assistant director of Adaptive Golf Savannah. “We have clinics once a month where people come down and we have coaches, we have trainers, we have physical therapists, all kinds of people come down strictly as volunteers.”

“We take pride in helping people like this, especially when you see a little 9-year-old kid out there who thinks he’s the only one like Mr. Gary here and he’s got the one arm, he’s out there swinging with one arm,” said Tito Robledo, a teacher at Adaptive Golf. “I’ll tell you what, it’s our joy, our reward to see the smiles on their faces once they hit the ball.”

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