Savannah mayoral candidates ready for runoff election

Savannah mayoral candidates ready for runoff election

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Some big races still have to be decided in Savannah at the Dec. 3 runoff election.

Candidates haven’t slowed down and with Chatham County early voting starting this week, the race is heating up for Mayor of Savannah. The dates for early voting in Chatham County were changed on Monday. Early voting now begins on Tuesday, Nov. 19.

The change in date is not throwing off candidates running for Savannah Mayor. They are hitting their strides in a full court press.

It’s the final countdown to deciding who will be Savannah’s next Mayor. This week Incumbent Eddie DeLoach and Alderman Van Johnson are getting out in the community.

“I try to get in front of as many people as I can get in front of and say ‘Hey, give me an opportunity, give me a shot, look at my record and talk to me,’” said DeLoach.

Early voting for Chatham County was supposed to start later this week, but in a surprise update advanced voting will start Tuesday. Candidates are making their final pushes.

“Going to every neighborhood in Savannah, talking to thousands of people. Meeting them where they are and talking about their goals and their dreams for Savannah that they would want to be able to live in,” said Johnson.

Historically, runoffs don’t bring the largest crowds. But Alderman Van Johnson doesn’t believe it. Johnson says voters will get out and vote no matter the circumstance when they believe in the candidate. The alderman received more votes by getting 1,500 more votes than DeLoach in the general election, but didn’t capture the 51 percent.

“This is the OT, the overtime of this election season. As you know in an overtime, the score goes back and it’s who wins the overtime period. For us, we are playing every minute and we are leaving it all out on the field,” said Johnson.

This is a familiar story for current Mayor Eddie Deloach. He recovered from second place in 2015 to beat then Mayor Edna Jackson. He says he can do it again.

“There’s a big difference between who I’m running against and me. It’s a completely different ball game. I’ve got results. All you have to do is go look at the record. If you look at the record, you’ll see the results. I’m asking for an opportunity to continue to deliver those results,” said DeLoach.

Voter turnout was low for the general election. Overall, countywide turnout was about 22 percent. Far less than the 36 percent of voters who turned out during the last city council general election in 2015.

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