Community Champions: Royce Learning Center ACE Program

Community Champions: Royce Learning Center ACE Program

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - David Anderson’s life has improved measurably since he first walked into the Royce Learning Center.

"It’s better than a couple of years ago,’’ he said. “Ten times better.’’

After years of experiencing difficulty reading, Anderson began literacy lessons through Royce’s Adult and Community Education Program.

He is now putting new skills to work at three different jobs, including one as maintenance engineer at the United Way of the Coastal Empire.

"I worked on reading,’’ said Anderson. “And writing, learning to write. And working on computers.’’

"It’s invaluable to people who need an education or to further their education in the community,’’ Royce executive director Ron Wilson added about the ACE program. “The more education they get, the more they are able to be employed.’’

Royce offers tutoring to young students in its Chatham Academy and to adults in the ACE program as well as educational programs throughout the summer.

And they offer it all with a little help from Anderson’s primary employer.

"We serve more than 300 adults a year that come through the program and because of the United Way, we’re able to offer this program for free to the people coming in.’’ said Wilson. “The United Way and Royce want to make sure finances are not a barrier education.’’

And for the WTOC Community Champions at Royce, education can remove all barriers.

"I say Royce is a feel good place to work because there are accomplishments made every day,’’ said Wilson. “Whether it’s breaking through the reading barrier or getting their GED. It’s always a happy event.’’

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