Dog who saved owner from fire honored by Lowcountry firefighters

Dog who saved owner from fire honored by Lowcountry firefighters

BEAUFORT, S.C. (WTOC) - A dog in Beaufort got a pretty special honor on Tuesday.

Firefighters honored Curly for saving his owner during a fire in October. Curly made it clear he was a special dog when he woke his owner up in the middle of the night to save his life. Now, he’s being honored by the whole town.

Curly the dog is being hailed as a hero in Beaufort.

“Curly had used his nose to push on Mr. Rand several times. Until he woke up from sleeping, to alert him that something was wrong,” said Chief Reece Bertholf with the Beaufort Fire Department.

Dozens of people came to the steps of Town Hall Tuesday afternoon to watch the dog that started his life in a shelter be awarded for knowing what to do in a tragedy.

The event was attended by first responders and town officials and Curly’s girlfriend, Maddie.

All there to celebrate man’s best friend.

“You’re not their owners you are their best friends and they’re your best friends. And that’s all we ask a hero to be. It’s a best friend to does the right thing,” said Bertholf.

Curly’s dad, Brian Rand, says the heroism is the kind of thing you could expect from such a good boy.

“He is the mayor of the area. He roams. Everyone knows him. He knows every house that will give him a cookie,” said Rand.

And that love was obvious at the ceremony.

Rand lost everything in the fire that Curly saved him from. Despite that loss the Vietnam veteran says it could have been worse.

“It made a big difference too, with losing the house, to still have Curly. I mean, that’s, you know, why I’m still more upbeat. I got Curly? I’m good,” said Rand.

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