Litter Clean Team employing the homeless, begins in December

Litter Clean Team employing the homeless, begins in December

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - A partnership between the City of Savannah and a non-profit aims to tackle two issues the city faces: unemployment and litter.

The City of Savannah recently approved a partnership with Union Mission, Incorporated to form a “Litter Clean Team Litter Removal Program.”

This initiative checks a couple of boxes in the city’s strategic plan goals, preserving neighborhoods and skill and workforce training for the underemployed.

The initiative officially kicks off in two weeks, and will have the city’s Greenscapes Department guiding the work done by the Union Mission participants.

The areas of focus will be primarily in the downtown area, with litter removal happening between two and six in the afternoon.

Union Mission will hire, train, supervise and pay the litter pick-up workers the living wage set by the City for this fiscal year, which is $11.82 an hour.

Having seen several somewhat similar initiatives go by the wayside, Alderman Julian Miller, who also sits on the board for the Chatham-Savannah Authority for the Homeless, hopes this one sticks and grows in the coming years.

“It’s something that’s needed because we have an awful lot of people who are having a hard time trying to find employment," said Miller. "And sometimes it’s not because of their own doing, sometimes it is but they’re trying to get past it. Alright, let’s help them get past it.”

The initiative was paid for by money coming from what’s called a Per Occupied Room Fund, which is money generated by the city’s visitors.

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