Good News: Parade Committee creates Craig Harney Award

Good News: Parade Committee creates Craig Harney Award

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - The Savannah Saint Patrick’s Day Parade has always been a part of Craig Harney, as a Savannahian, as a storyteller, as the man who has steered WTOC’s all-in, standard-setting coverage of the city’s biggest event.

So, it is only appropriate that Craig is now officially part of the parade.

"As long as the St. Patrick’s Day Parade is going to be going on,’’ said 2013 Grand Marshal Jimmy Ray, “somebody is going to receive the Craig Harney Award.’’

The Savannah St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee honored Craig this week by naming a new award after him, one that will go to a special family, band or commercial entry every year.

And they honored themselves by creating it, by recognizing the commitment, excellence and impact the man behind the camera has always brought to the entire season of St. Patrick.

"It’s Just for everything he has done for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade,’’ said 200 Grand Marshal Tommy Brunson. “He’s been great, he’s been at all the pre-parade functions, the stories of the parade, what the Irish did in Savannah.’’

"Craig has always been there for the Parade Committee,’’ added 1998 Grand Marshal Jim Forbes. “He is a professional's professional.’’

“Anytime you need something, you can call Craig,’’ said 2015 Grand Marshal Hugh Colman. “It didn't matter if you were at the beginning of the parade or the end of the parade. If something needed to be done, you just get in touch with him and it would be done.’’

In introducing the award, the parade committee said they were acknowledging a debt they owe Craig and what he has meant to one of the most important days of the year in Savannah.

The truth is, they could have been talking for any number of organizations in Craig’s hometown and their projects that were made better by man who is always there for all of them.

"He has made WTOC look so good in the way he produces things and the way he shows up at things,’’ said Ray. “And he knows what to show on TV, who to speak to and how to really present it to the public.’’

"He gave a lot of people some insight to the St. Patrick’s Day Parade that I don’t think they had,’’ added Brunson. “And they wouldn’t have had if it wasn’t for Craig Harney.’’

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