Santa mailboxes installed at Burton fire stations

Santa mailboxes installed at Burton fire stations

BURTON, S.C. (WTOC) - Santa’s elves are teaming up with the Burton Fire District this year to make sure Santa is able to get your child’s letter.

If you’ve been worried Santa might not get your child’s letter on time if you drop your letter off at the post office, the Burton Fire District has a direct line to the big man in the North Pole and they are making sure every letter gets into Santa’s hands.

If you’ve got a letter that needs to go to the North Pole before Dec. 25, the Burton Fire District is accepting letters until Dec. 17.

The Burton Fire District and their fire fighting elves will make sure every child has a place to send their letter to Santa. The mailboxes were installed at every Burton Fire District Station on Friday.

The fire district says they work in some heated situations, and any child who uses the districts mailboxes still needs to be good to avoid getting coal on Christmas Day.

“While we can’t guarantee what present Santa will bring, that’s definitely between the child and Santa Claus, but if your child does get coal please be very fire safe with it! Will tell you that,” said Captain Dan Byrnes.

Instead of a lump of coal, they will be getting a personal letter from Santa.

“Every letter that we received, that we collect letters once a week, Santa’s helpers come and pick them up and take them right to the North Pole. And Santa has promised us that every child that writes one and the return address is legible and the name can be read, Santa will reply personally to every letter that he received through these mailboxes,” said Byrnes.

Last year over 100 letters were sent through Burton’s mailboxes. But Santa always has time for more.

The mailboxes are installed and ready for business. And make sure you get them in early so Santa can check your name on the list twice.

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