Woman wakes up with intruder on top of her, second incident in area this year

Woman wakes up with intruder on top of her, second incident in area this year

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - A Savannah woman woke up to a stranger on top of her, an incident Savannah Police are investigating as an attempted sexual assault.

The break-in and attempted assault happened on Hover Creek Road on the City’s southside last Saturday morning. Another similar incident happened in the same area earlier this year.

Savannah Police officers originally came to a home on Hover Creek Drive early Saturday morning for a call of a burglary, but quickly learned there was more to it.

When speaking to the homeowner, officers learned she was sleeping on the couch when she told them she felt someone straddling her.

She asked the stranger who he was, and she said he replied, "your boyfriend."

The homeowner said the man then ran out through the back door. It was dark, so the victim wasn’t able to give police any description of the intruder, but she did try to recall for officers anyone who had been around the house recently.

The woman gave police a description of a man who had come by asking if she wanted her roof cleaned, adding he had been there for the service before. That got police thinking about a similar home invasion incident that happened in this area back in July, just blocks away.

A police department spokeswoman says detectives have not determined if the latest incident is related to the July case.

The Department does have these tips not only for folks in this area, but anywhere to help Savannians stay safe.

Police say to always ensure doors and windows are locked. In both of the incidents on the southside, doors were left unlocked.

You should also consider motion activated lights and/or security cameras can be beneficial in preventing this type of crime, and cameras can be of great assistance to detectives.

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