Community Champions: Birthday bash and musical toy drive

Community Champions: Birthday bash and musical toy drive

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Our WTOC Toys 4 Tots campaign is underway once again with collection boxes in our lobby.

We will be getting help from local musicians who are collecting instruments for kids.

Tommy Holland enjoys sharing his music with people. But he has an even greater passion for sharing accessibility to the hobby that helped shape him.

“I enjoyed doping it and it was definitely a distraction from doing bad things,” said Holland.

For the fourth holiday season, Holland will be putting on an event that will help make Christmas merrier and more musical for area youth.

The Fourth Annual Tommy Holland and Friends Birthday Bash and Musical Toy Drive.

The founder of the local band the Midtown Pickers, and several of its other fundraisers, will be inviting musicians and music fans to Coach’s Corner the Friday after Thanksgiving to celebrate and support music and help kids get started playing.

“What we want to do is we’re trying to put musical instruments in the hands of kids. So this is not like any normal toy drive. We’re asking you to bring musical toys, guitars, harmonicas, tambourines, you know, something that’s not, they’re sitting in front of all day. They might have to stimulate their brain to actually use the instrument. And it may lead into something bigger and better for them,” said Holland.

Holland will once again donate the instruments he collects to WTOC’s Toys 4 Tots campaign with the United States Marines and hopes to bring in even more this year through a concert of easy listening music that will be easy to support.

“It’s eight different acts and we’ve got some other people who are going to drop in and do a song or two. A lot of the stuff we play is from the 70′s and the 60′s and it’s music that people enjoy hearing, a lot of stuff they can sing along to. It’s different, it’s something to give something to a kid they might actually need or use that they don’t sit in front of and mash a button,” he said.

Holland’s toy drive is partnering with Portman’s Music. You can buy gift cards at Portman’s and donate them back to the drive. They will be used to purchase instruments and other musical toys.

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