GSP watching trouble spots during holiday traffic

GSP watching trouble spots during holiday traffic

CHATHAM COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - Holiday traffic enforcement is in full swing around the Coastal Empire.

Troopers from Georgia State Patrol’s post in Rincon were out in force Wednesday focusing their efforts on what they call a trouble spot in their coverage area.

I-95 is busy and police know stretches of the heavily traveled roads will be even busier Wednesday through Sunday.

But Wednesday’s effort focused not on the interstates, but rather on a busy secondary road in Chatham County.

“I’ve received complaints about this stretch of road and the disregard for the traffic laws especially speeding, and seat belts and distracted driving,” said Sgt. Chris Nease.

GSP troopers, including Sgt. Chris Nease, spent the morning with their radar pointed down Chatham Parkway, clocking traffic driving toward Veterans Parkway.

And the troopers were never parked for more than a minute or two before falling in behind the next radar-indicated speeder.

“You know its a problem area when four of us can come down here in one spot like this and stop cars constantly. That’s what we call a problem area, and part of our job when we notice problem areas, is to conduct some enforcement in that area,” said Nease.

It’s attention to secondary roads like Chatham Parkway that Sergeant Nease says can save lives.

“What we’ve noticed is the majority of our traffic fatalities that we investigate are not always on the interstate. The majority of them are on the secondary roads,” said Nease.

Sergeant Nease says throughout the holiday week and weekend, troopers will be keeping a close eye not only on speeding, but also on distracted and impaired driving and making sure people are obeying the hands-free law.

Cracking down on DUI’s over the holiday is such a focus for reasons like one posted to the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety Facebook page earlier Wednesday. They say in 2016, a third of all fatalities on the roads involved drunk drivers.

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