Last minute Thanksgiving shopping keeps grocery stores busy

Last minute Thanksgiving shopping keeps grocery stores busy

RICHMOND HILL, Ga. (WTOC) -Whether it’s a little spice or everything nice like the essential plates and napkins, many people admit that Wednesday wasn’t their first grocery store trip, in fact, for some it was their third before preparing for Thanksgiving dinner.

“I do have everything now, I’ve got everything for my pecan pie and my turkey I think that’s it, I think we’re good to go,” Crystal Moorman said.

For others they confessed that they didn’t even have anything before the big dinner.

“We are having people at our house and basically we had to come get everything,” said Moorman.

Even the turkey, according to Hope Roll.

“We did not get the turkey but we do have a problem with the turkey not being thawed," Roll said. "There’s a discussion going on in the house about thawing it in the kitchen or in the refrigerator.”

As many people race to get in and out of the grocery stores, no matter what, many say they still couldn't avoid long lines and delays.

“It’s been busy for the past three days, been in there now and it’s extra busy everything is full," Moorman said.

“Parking is good however inside different aisles, mostly the aisle with the spices I think was the most crowded believe it or not,” Roll said.

Whatever people may forget at the grocery store, most can agree that the most important thing is that they have family on Thanksgiving.

“Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there and pray that everyone’s turkey is thawed and cooked through,” Roll said.

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