Long-term plan to restore historic Darien house

Long-term plan to restore historic Darien house

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) -Back in 2018, a historic house in Southeast Georgia was placed on the Places in Peril list.

Darien’s Huston House on the Butler Plantation was identified as one of Georgia’s most endangered historic places.

The Huston House sits quietly off Highway 17, just south of Darien. Rich in history, but now abandoned and deteriorating.

The Georgia Trust placed it on its 2019 Places in Peril list to try and save the house. Darien’s City Manager says the city has been working on a long-term plan ever since. Although he cannot reveal the exact plans, he says the Huston House will be saved.

“We value the history of that house. We value the history of the building. We value the history of the area,” said City Manager Tim Sweezey.

The City is currently working with a private business to get the Huston House back open to the public.

“In my opinion, without a public or a private entity entering into an agreement with us, the City of Darien would never be able to restore it to its historic value,” said Sweezey.

We asked the city manager when an announcement would be made about the Huston House plans. He says residents should pay attention to when Georgia lawmakers go back in session in January, as it will be on their agenda.

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