Roads packed in Bryan County during holiday traffic rush

Roads packed in Bryan County during holiday traffic rush

BRYAN COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - With this being one of the busiest travel days of the year, the roads are packed in Bryan County.

Mostly everyone we talked to was traveling from Florida, some going to Hilton Head, others to Savannah.

This gas station on 144 and Ford Avenue is just one of the many gas stations that were packed all day.

Some say they only had to fill up once coming from Florida, others two or three times.

When asked about the roads and the conditions traveling, most people agreed that the roads weren’t as bad as they predicted they would be.

One family said they saw a couple accidents but nothing major, but a lot of people say they travel every year the day before Thanksgiving so they’re usually ready for whatever.

“We left a little early and thought maybe the traffic would get heavy and there’s been traffic but not too bad, actually we were just commenting that hey this isn’t too bad so not to bad for Thanksgiving, we’ve had some times where it’s been pretty busy but not a problem today,” said Terri Pryor from Gainsville, Florida.

“It’s better than hitting the road the day of and we all have to work so we decided that this would be the best day of any to do it," said Janet, Chris, Andrew, and Bradley Conway who are traveling from Florida. “It’s been a pretty smooth ride not much traffic at all, lots of police out and about, but not a lot of traffic so far.”

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