Top Teacher: Taylor Culjan

Top Teacher: Taylor Culjan

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) -Since 1845, St. Vincent’s Academy has prepared so many Savannah women with opportunity for higher education and incredible careers. So it’s great when one of their own students become the teacher themselves.

These students are learning more about the written language and sentence structure in Taylor Culjan’s 9th grade English class at St. Vincent’s Academy in Savannah.

“Lots of encouragement, lots of modeling and showing them ways they can say it better, write it better, they’ll tell you, I spend a good deal of time, on their papers,” said Culjan.

“Then I meet with them after that, I think those meetings too, there is something that just sort of clicks between the student and me, where they finally get something they may have not gotten before,” she said.

It’s that attention to detail and building a relationship with her students that Culjan hopes will help their own writing blossom.

“You have to not just teach them English and teach them grammar but also just teach them, logic and about making good decisions, and making good choices,” she said.

Culjan was born and raised in Savannah, attended St. Vincent’s Academy herself, then UGA, and has been teaching for 17 years. She says she is proud to be a part of the sisterhood that is St. Vincent’s.

“These girls are so driven and all they want is to succeed, and be encouraged, and I think that’s the easy part. It’s just a place where you are supported, you have wonderful colleagues and wonderful kids, wonderful students, wonderful parents, I couldn’t ask for anything more,” she said.

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