Bars seeing increased business on night before Thanksgiving

Bars seeing increased business on night before Thanksgiving

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Sometimes we think of New Years as one of the biggest nights for drunk driving. Surprisingly, the night before Thanksgiving has become one of the biggest drinking days in the country.

So businesses and law enforcement are getting prepared.

When you don’t have to work tomorrow and you get to sit at home and eat a lot of good food, some people say hey, let’s go out.

So that’s why we see a lot of folks hitting downtown Savannah on a Wednesday night. Law enforcement wants those celebrating to have a great time, but wants them to put those keys away.

Before folks head into the kitchen Thursday, they are heading to the bars the night before. People are ready to shake things up before Thanksgiving especially in downtown Savannah.

“That’s what we are all here for is those large holidays and those big nights,” said front house manager of The Grove Kari Groover.

You won’t see many of these open signs on Thanksgiving day. But the night before is a big night for many bars and restaurants in City Market like The Grove.

“Thanksgiving day and the day before are really large drinking days, so we just want to keep a fun atmosphere and make sure we have enough staff and product,” said Groover.

It isn’t just locals packing City Market on Wednesday. With families and friends flying into Savannah for the holiday weekend, businesses are prepping for bigger crowds. For some places, that means staying vigilant and hiring security.

“The people coming in and out. A lot of people are coming in for thanksgiving. It’s hard to see what we will see downtown, but traditionally it’s been pretty busy,” said Tyrell Scarborough with Molly Macpherson’s Scottish Bar.

Law enforcement officials like South Carolina Department of Highway Safety and Georgia Department of Transportation say the day before Thanksgiving is actually one of the biggest days for drinking out of the entire year.

“Absolutely, do not drive while intoxicated,” said Sgt. Chris Nease with Georgia State Patrol.

Despite the holiday, Georgia State Patrol will be increasing their patrols to hopefully prevent all distracted driving.

Their goal is for everyone to have a safe Thanksgiving.

“When they are on the road during a busy traffic season, that’s even more of a reason for them to be more alert,” said Nease.

Like always, GSP troopers are encouraging those drinking to have a designated driver or call a cab.

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