Guyton tree farm opens for business ahead of Christmas

Guyton tree farm opens for business ahead of Christmas

GUYTON, Ga. (WTOC) - After Thanksgiving dinner, many families visit local tree farms ahead of Christmas, which is just right around the corner.

Truitt’s Christmas Tree Farm in Guyton held its grand opening where they cut down and sold hundreds of trees.

“Truitt has the best trees I think, I get so many compliments every year,” said Kathleen Bailey, Truitt’s customer.

Bailey is just one of many people who go to Truitt’s every year ahead of Christmas since she moved to the area in 2011.

“The trees go fast because they’re good and they’re a reasonable price," Bailey said. "I come as soon as I can so that I can get the tree that I want and they always have it, they never fail.”

Which is why she says she can’t go anywhere else.

“It’s the easiest place I’ve ever gotten trees from," said Bailey. "Being up north, it’s a lot more complicated and difficult. You have snow and all the rest of that but here you just drive through or walk through, pick out the tree you want. They have lots of guys out in the field ready with the saw to cut it down.”

For the man himself, owner Truitt Zipperer says they try to support families that make picking out a tree a tradition, despite losing hundreds of trees due to the weather.

“We lost probably around 800 small trees which we won’t see the results of that until five years from now. The small trees were affected mainly by the drought and the flood this year. We had two floods, we had over eight inches of rain in more than 24-hours and then we had over 50 days without rain, so that’s affected us as well,” Truitt said.

Through it all, Truitt said seeing families happy makes it all worth it.

“I just like to see the families and it’s my tradition to cut the Christmas trees on Thanksgiving Day and I don’t mind eating leftovers.”

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