As November ends, so does Hurricane Season

As November ends, so does Hurricane Season
Hurricane Season is officially over Saturday. (Source: WTOC)

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Hurricane Season is officially over Saturday.

We had 18 named storms this year, making it a busy season. Of those named storms, six were hurricanes, three of which were major hurricanes and two were Category 5 storms.

Lorenzo stayed away from the U.S. but battered the Azores and eventually Ireland. But before that, there was Dorian.

“Dorian was a huge challenge," said Chelsea Sawyer with CEMA Community Outreach. "Dorian was it’s own separate kind of crazy.”

“Dorian was a unique challenge for us because it was the storm that wouldn’t go away,” said CEMA Director Dennis Jones.

From a tropical wave to a catastrophic hurricane with 185 mile per hour winds, Dorian was on everyone’s minds and lips for two long weeks. Chatham County Emergency Management Director Dennis Jones says they couldn’t take chances with a storm of that magnitude.

“We issued an evacuation order; we were looking at a Category 3 storm that could potentially have an impact to Chatham County, so the evacuation decision was a sound decision,” said Jones.

And being the third evacuation in three years, Jones said it went well.

“It was actually one of the successes of Hurricane Dorian. We’re very fortunate to have that crew in place that manages the process,” said Jones.

Jones admits one challenge is the medical needs evacuations.

“It’s such a fragile population,” he said.

Chelsea Sawyer, community outreach with CEMA, was six months pregnant during Dorian.

“It really challenged me to think of things in a whole new perspective,” said Sawyer.

And she challenges everyone to look at their plans.

“Things are changing in your family every single year from season to season so reassessing that plan is always a good idea,” she said.

Going back over 100 years no other Atlantic hurricane impacted land as Dorian did the Bahamas for so long. And as it did stall out it caused up-welling; it churned up colder water from the depths of the Atlantic allowing the hurricane to weaken as it made its way to us.

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