Tanger Outlets in Pooler filled with Black Friday shoppers

Tanger Outlets in Pooler filled with Black Friday shoppers

POOLER, Ga. (WTOC) - The stores are officially packed for Black Friday shopping as many people try to find the perfect gifts ahead of Christmas.

While there were no dilemmas on deals this Black Friday, the traffic and congestion seemed to be everyone’s main concern.

As you make your way down Pooler Parkway onto Tanger outlet Boulevard on Black Friday, you can’t help but to be greeted with police and thousands of other cars battling to get into the stores to shop.

While many people didn't complain, because that's what comes with holiday time and shopping, for others it was frustrating.

As you sit at the light, you’re guaranteed to wait at least 10 minutes before being able to turn onto Tanger Outlet Boulevard. For some people they say they didn’t mind the traffic, in fact, it wasn’t as bad as previous years.

“We found lots of good deals at Palmetto Moon, Under Armour, Old Navy, Columbia,” said Amber Osburn and Sharon Morgan. “It’s not bad actually we came last year during the night and to me it was more crowded during the night than during the day, so it’s not bad at all actually.”

The stores close at 10 p.m.

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