Father Schreck remembers Craig Harney

Father Schreck remembers Craig Harney

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Family and faith were the foundation of Craig Harney’s life.

While commitment to his Catholic faith officially happened last year, it’s a relationship that blossomed out of his work with WTOC.

It was 38 years ago when Catholic Mass began as an assignment for Craig Harney.

He was a junior director at WTOC, and part of his duties included production of Catholic Masses for broadcast in Savannah.

That assignment led Craig, an Episcopalian, to many more assignments with the Catholic faith - a calling of sorts.

“We always thought the day would come when Craig would become a Catholic because he was so very Catholic in the way he lived his life,” said Rev. Gerry Schreck.

As Craig explained in an interview earlier this year.

“You say o.k. I have this faith. How do my actions reflect this faith and I know I’m going to fail. I fail all the time. But if you at least have the right knowledge of what to do, then you can continue grabbing for it,” Craig said.

Last year, after practicing for so many years, Craig decided to make his Catholic practice permanent.

“He came to me and he said I think the time has come and he said I think the time is now and he said, you know I’ve been around here for 30 years. What do I have to do to become a Catholic,” said Rev. Schreck.

“I knew Craig had read so much and knew so much about the Catholic faith. I wasn’t going to put him through all of that, you know. But he said oh, no, no. I want it all. He said I want to go to everything, and he did,” he said.

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