St. Vincent’s Academy dedicates 48th annual Christmas concert to Craig Harney

St. Vincent’s Academy dedicates 48th annual Christmas concert to Craig Harney

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) -Faith was an integral part of Craig’s life. He was heavily involved with St. Vincent’s Academy where he served on the board.

The school held its 48th annual Christmas Candlelight Concert on Sunday, dedicating the performance to Craig Harney.

“I’ve known him forever and there’s not a finer man,” said Bernadette Winters, the Director of Music at St. Vincent’s Academy.

When the school heard the news, they could think of no better tribute than dedicating their annual concert to him.

“This morning when we heard the news that was the first thing that we said. We said that we’re going to let these sweet, angelic voices lead him into paradise,” said Mary Anne Hogan, the President of St. Vincent’s Academy.

Winters says she knew Craig when he was a little boy. A boy that she says grew into a man who dedicated to his work, his family, his community, and his faith.

“He was always a sweet, kind, and very thoughtful person," Winters said. "A great sense of humor, happy nature, and loved his family.”

Craig served on the board at St. Vincent’s Academy and quickly became very involved. Winters says he did a lot for the Cathedral, helping to live stream services at the church.

“We love him and we’ll sorely, sorely miss him,” Winters said.

One memory in particular sticks out to Mary Anne Hogan. She says during the St. Patrick’s Day parade, she remembers him always asking if he could use the power source at the church. And of course, the answer was always yes.

“We’d have the big WTOC truck there and with a smile on his face he would say, ‘is it ok if we plug in?’”

Those who knew him say was always a great one to see.

“Just a wonderful, wonderful man,” Hogan said.

Over the years, Craig always wanted to give back for the help he received from the community. But this help was a gesture given, with no hesitation and nothing needed in return.

Hogan says “He was always just so good to us and always said ‘I owe you, I owe you,’ and we said ‘Craig, no we owe you for all of the good things you do for us’.”

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