Design District Holiday Walk

Design District Holiday Walk

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Shopping downtown is usually considered at the stores on or around Broughton Street, but once a year, a group a little farther south, still in the Historic District, likes to showcase itself. And it all happens at night just off one of the most iconic streets in Savannah.

It starts on Jones Street at the corner of Whitaker Street, which is now known as the Design District. It consists of about a dozen stores and they consider themselves still a little-known gem in the Hostess City.

“I believe so, people go past it driving 50 miles an hour down Whitaker, but we like to champion ourselves as being a hidden gem of high-end design stores and gift shops,” said Courtland Stevens, Owner of Courtland & Co.

"Let's say it's a hidden gem. It's a place where you can spend a little bit of time and have a unique experience in Savannah," said Heather Bender, Design Consultant at One Fish Two Fish.

The District has been around for nearly a couple of decades now, and once a year they break from the normal business hours for a night of what they call an evening of merriment and fun.

"It's just a night to relax and get your gifts in a fun way, but not get stressed out over holiday shopping," Bender says.

“What makes it fun is you get a lot of tourists that stumble upon it and they don’t know about the neighborhood and the people walking about and they spend the entire evening shopping and drinking and meeting people and taking away something from Savannah that they didn’t know was here,” Stevens said.

The night begins at 5 p.m. and runs until 8 p.m. It’s grown over the years with additions, such as a food truck again this year.

“It’s huge if you come at five, there’s a good chance you can walk around and meet the vendors, six to eight, it’s crazy, but it’s fun crazy,” said Bender.

“Totally, we get groups of people five to ten girls at a time, bumper to bumper in here, it’s so much fun before you go to dinner, before you go to the bars, it’s a good time,” Stevens said.

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