Savannah Mayor, District 6 Alderman to be decided in Tuesday’s Runoff Election

Savannah Mayor, District 6 Alderman to be decided in Tuesday’s Runoff Election

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - A lot of questions will be answered Tuesday night, including who will be leading the city of Savannah for the next 4 years.

Voters are choosing between Incumbent Eddie DeLoach and Alderman Van Johnson.

Deloach is seeking a second term as mayor. His platform has been to reduce violent crime and create more affordable housing.

But the race to get there has been a tough fight every step of the way. DeLoach trailed Alderman Van Johnson in the general election. Neither one was able to grab a majority of the vote.

DeLoach blamed low voter turnout for the results of the general election. He’s spent the past few weeks working to energize voters for a larger turnout in his favor

One of his final election day stops was at the corner of Benton and Highlands boulevards.

Something worth noting about Precinct 7-11C in the Highlands. It has nearly 5,400 registered voters, and is a rapidly growing area of the city.

But in the general election only about 800 people, or 16 percent, turned out. This area of the city also is in District 1, which is Van Johnson’s alderman district.

And it’s where DeLoach chose to end his day.

Van Johnson did some last minute campaigning at the corner of White Bluff and Windsor Road.

Johnson got just over 45 percent of the vote in the November general election. He got just over 11,000 votes. He needed a few thousand more.

The long-time District 1 Alderman hopes the last month allowed more people to get familiar with his platform.

In the last couple weeks, he's gotten some major endorsements from big-name members of the democratic party, including Stacey Abrams and New Jersey senator Corey Booker.

Johnson’s watch party is at the Civil Rights Museum on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

And we will know the outcome of the District 6 runoff election in Savannah.

District 6 Alderman Tony Thomas is defending his seat against Kurtis Purtee. Thomas had the most votes on election day, so Purtee will have to make up some ground there.

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