Water system cleaning causing unpleasant smell for Lowcountry residents

Water system cleaning causing unpleasant smell for Lowcountry residents

S.C. (WTOC) - The water in some parts of the Lowcountry looks the same but smells a little different.

People describe the smell like a swimming pool or even like bleach.

If you live in the Lowcountry you might have noticed your water is starting to smell a little bit different. Well, the Beaufort Jasper Water Sewer Authority says it’s perfectly normal, and it should go back to it’s regular scent, soon.

The water systems in the Lowcountry are undergoing a cleaning. Every year, the Water Sewer Authority runs a chlorine additive through its system that carries water under the Broad River. This year is no different.

The process started this week and neighbors quickly noticed the strange scent. The Water Sewer Authority says they’ve been getting calls to their offices, but want residents to know nothing has changed in water quality.

They say the chlorine additive is within the Department of Health and Environmental Control and EPA standards, and perfectly safe for human consumption.

“The smell is chlorine, which smells like bleach," said Director of Treatment Operations Trisha Kilgore. "It’s the disinfectant that makes the water safe to drink. Every year or so we change our disinfectant to do some system maintenance out in the distribution lines. So we’ve changed from chloramines to chlorine for a couple of weeks. And that’s what they’re smelling is that disinfectant.”

The smell should only last for a few weeks. And the Water Sewer Authority says if you have any questions about your water throughout the year you are welcome to give them a call. That number is 843.987.9200.

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