Final day to file for Democratic Party in South Carolina

Final day to file for Democratic Party in South Carolina

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) -Wednesday was the last day for Democrats to file for the South Carolina Democratic primary.

South Carolina’s Democratic primary is just three months away, and the party hopes the deadline to file for the primary will inspire party members to get involved with other campaigns.

14 of the 15 remaining candidates have filed. Known as “the first in the south,” the South Carolina primary is considered a milestone on the campaign trail. The Lowcountry has seen visits from all but two candidates. Party representatives for Beaufort County hope the clear picture of who they will be voting for inspires locals to get involved in the campaign trail.

“We always expect our Democrats here to volunteer to any candidates," said Mayra Rivera, the Beaufort Co. Democratic Chair. "You know, so we are hoping that they become poll workers, so it’s a good time for us.”

The party hopes Lowcountry voters will take more time to learn about the candidate’s platforms ahead of voting day as more representatives come and candidates visit.

“As a party, our goal is to engage all our Democrats in the community through going to the meetings, going to see the candidates, to hear about the issues, making the questions, so it’s up to them,” Rivera said.

Just because a candidate does not file for a South Carolina primary doesn’t mean they are dropping out of the race. They still have a chance to win a nomination.

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