Purtee ousts Thomas for District 6 seat

Purtee ousts Thomas for District 6 seat
Kurtis Purtee ended up with about 300 more votes than Tony Thomas. (Source: WTOC)

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Savannah city council will have seven new members. One of those new faces will be Kurtis Purtee. He mounted a comeback to knock two-decade incumbent Alderman Tony Thomas out of council.

This was a relatively close race. Purtee ended up with about 300 more votes than Thomas.

Purtee was behind Thomas after the General Election last month. Thomas gave him credit for making up the ground and says he hopes Purtee takes the job seriously.

“I have to give him credit where credit’s due. I mean, he had a good race. I differed with him a little bit, and still differ with him on a lot of the things he was saying and doing. But now that he will be coming in in a month, he’ll find out that saying one thing and doing another thing is a completely different thing,” said Thomas.

"One of the things in District 6 that I want to look at is getting together with all of the neighborhood associations, making sure that they know that I'm available 24-7. Letting folks know that I'm available 24-7. We'll be revamping the website. I'm putting my phone number out there, so we'll have email, website, Facebook, phone number. Anything to get a hold of me. I want to make sure that they have access to me at all times," Purtee said.

Purtee will join Keisha Gibson Carter, Alicia Miller Blakely, Bernetta Lanier, Detric Legget, Linda Wilder-Bryan, and Nick Palumbo on council. The only returning council member is Estella Shabazz, who ran unopposed in District 5.

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