Savannah’s Litter Clean Team kicks off, giving the homeless job opportunities

Savannah’s Litter Clean Team kicks off, giving the homeless job opportunities

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - It’s the beginning of what could become a win-win for the City of Savannah and the homeless population looking for work.

The City is partnering with Union Mission, awarding the non-profit a $140,000 contract to put those wanting employment to work.

“Yeah, just pick a little bit up at a time," said Dave Woracheck, Litter Clean Team member. "If we can’t get it all in one day, we’ll come back another day and I think there’s plenty to do every day.”

Dave Woracheck is settling in to his new part-time role filling bag after bag during his shifts, three days a week.

A four hour shift pays $12 an hour and gives those working through the program a springboard into other opportunities.

“That’s who it’s designed to help out, is the people that are homeless who need money for various things, getting their driver’s license back, getting their ID’s. That’s one of the biggest things for homeless people, not having those things. Then they can’t get a job,” said Woracheck.

In addition to the pay, Worcaheck says another benefit to this job is the awareness it creates.

“I think it’ll be a benefit, if they see us cleaning up, they might think the next time about dropping something on the ground, might say lets walk it to the receptical,” said Woracheck.

The program is only in its second week, but already showing promise and expansion potential.

“We’re already looking at reaching out to other service providers in the community. And they’re as excited as well,” said Union Mission Executive Director Patricia Youngquist.

“Seeing the City cleaner, keeping it clean for the visitors that are coming here, cause that’s one of the first things that they’re gonna notice, is how clean the City is. And if we get a good reputation like that, you get more visitors coming to the City. And since we thrive on visitors here in Savannah, we need that here,” said Worcaheck.

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