Tybee Island beach renourishment project begins

Tybee Island beach renourishment project begins

TYBEE ISLAND, Ga. (WTOC) - A major overhaul of Tybee Island’s beach is now underway.

It’s a $13.8M beach renourishment project that has been in the works since Hurricanes Matthew and Irma damaged the beaches with storm surge.

The dredging project began Thursday. The work is between 7th and 8th streets, and just for reference the Pier is south along Tybrisia or what would be 16th Street.

The federal and state project is over $13M with the state contributing over $1.8M. Mayor Jason Buelterman breaks down some of the cost.

“There’s fuel costs involved, there’s mobilization costs; mobilization alone is about three million dollars to get all this equipment here and the manpower here to do it.” Said Buelterman. “The project was bid out and they [Great Lakes Dredging] were the low bidder, so it’s just a very expensive proposition to pump over a million cubic yards of sand onto a beach then shape it to be where you want it and then put it into the dune fields.”

Beach Renourishment Schedule
Beach Renourishment Schedule (Source: WTOC)

Once the sand is pumped onto the beach and the dunes are rebuilt, several new crossovers will be built to protect the dune field and provide safe access to the beach. That will cost about $5M. The 16th and 18th streets crossovers have been closed since Hurricane Dorian.

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